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Why Hot Water

Probably the most common reasons someone would be looking for a hot water cylinder information is they have a leaking hot water heater or no hot water or not enough hot water ie they are running out. It could be someone is hogging the shower and hanging in there too long. Thats when its time to upgrade to a continuous flow gas water heater a larger tank or restrict the flow of hot water. Continuous flow water heaters never run out, so it you want to just hang in that shower it will just keep running and running.

We also have water heaters for those who care about the environment that use very little energy to heat the water. Gas water heaters and electric water heaters use energy to heater water. Gas uses methane or propane which converts to CO2 which some dont like. Most electricity is generated with renewable energy these days and we have heat pump water heaters that use very little electricity to heat water.

There are other factors to consider:

  • The size of the tank.
  • Where its going to be located
  • How much hot water is needed
  • What your going to heat it with.
  • Do you have a gas supplier (how much do they charge for line and energy charges)
  • The age of your current water heater is it worth getting it fixed?
  • Environment - do you want to heat hot water using the sun. ie Solar heated hot water.
  • Affordability making hot water uses energy and costs money.
  • Do you need to boil water for tea and coffee making.

Are commercial quantities of hot water needed for hairdressing salons or the food industry. We do boilers for home heating and domestic hot water heating.

Low pressure view details

Want to help save the planet and save money while doing it? Changing to a low pressure cylinder decreases the amount of water your household is using therefore saving you money while saving important water resources.

mains or high pressure view details

Most common type of hot water cylinders Wellington. Provides you with more options for new tapware and other fittings. Has a higher pressure of water in the shower and speeds up the time you need to wait for the water to heat up.

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Whether you need a hot water cylinder for a new home or if you need an old water heater replaced, we will offer you a solution to suit your needs and budget.