Electric Hot Water Cylinders Wellington

Electric hot water cylinders are one of the most common ways of heating water. One advantage is that there is no extra line charge as there is for gas. The down side of electric water heating is the units are large and there needs to be a cupboard either inside or you can get external models. Gas water heating units are smaller. The other downside is electric hot water cylinders struggle to heat large quantities of hot water quickly. There are continuous flow units but the cables are so large most installations don’t have them. Electric tanks come in all sizes for under sink low and high. Internal and external commercial and domestic. Fast recovery and boiling types.

The Future of Hot Water Heating

With solar electric panel prices dropping solar electric installers are using hot water cylinders to store energy not needed at that moment. The batteries may be full and the best place to store the left over energy is the water heater. Customers also looking at avoiding the gas line charge can install electric water heaters and heat them either with solar water heaters or solar pv panels to heat the water. Heat pumps are a likely hot water cylinder for the future as some can also use waste heat from ceiling spaces and other processes. For your future hot water cylinder Wellington call us today. 0800 484 353