Heat Pumps

How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

You may know about heat pumps for heating and cooling in buildings. Well they work well in water heating too. They are usually a high pressure tank with a heat pump attached or the heat pump is separate. Parex have two good models for domestic and light commercial use. They have an option for internal installation and obtaining more efficiency from getting the air from the roof space as an option. The Heat Pump hot water cylinders are usually installed outside and are high pressure. Wellington has a good climate for heat pump hot water cylinders. The Heat Pump Hot water cylinders can have an optional element installed but usually don’t need it. The heat pump is powered by electricity and compete well with gas water heaters.

Are Heat Pump Water Cylinders Noisy?

They can be installed on timers to only operate during the day and not while people are sleeping. The Parex model comes with timer built in. The units are as loud as a noisy fridge. We recommend installing them away from bedroom windows and near the kitchen.

What are the running Costs Like

Running costs for Heat pump water heaters are usually very good and compete well with gas water heaters on cost. Plus there is no need for that extra line charge. So savings there straight away.