Solar Water heaters

Southern Plumbing has been installing solar water heating for about 40 years. Southern Plumbing has an ECCA accreditation. Wellington has plenty of sun for a solar water heater. Solar hot water installations are a speciality of ours. The house has to have a north facing roof and an area where the solar collector can be installed the hot water cylinder usually goes on the ground or inside the building. The cylinder size is usually 250 litre or 300 litre for most domestic installations. Solar is great for buildings in remote locations. Some new installations can be designed with little to any power used.

Solar water heating collectors come in two types evacuated tubes and flat plate. Flat plate are more resilient to damage from stones and hail. Evacuated tubes are generally more efficient.

Types of solar installations.

We can do small installations with an existing tank where a collector is added to an existing installation. They are around $7000. The cost of a new installation is around $10,000. If building a new house we strongly recommend your consider solar water heating, as that is by far the cheapest time to do it.

Servicing Solar Water heaters

The collector needs washing when dirty. Make sure trees are not shading the collector and all times of the year including winter. Check the pump operation. Check the sensors are still in place. Check insulation of piping is still ok. Check for leaks.

Boiling Units

There is a wide range of boiling tanks and cylinders. Bench top tap mounted boiling units that have boilers for coffee and tea under bench with a bench top tap. These taps are dual hot and cold with some having a chilled water or sparkling water outlet. There are over bench boiling units more often found in offices and public buildings and staff rooms. Some of the over bench wall mounted units are quite large for big gatherings supplying 100’s of cups per hour right down to smaller units of just 10 cups.