Water Heaters


Hot water is now a necessity and no longer a luxury. We can hardly go a day without it. Building used to get water from rainwater and so tanks were low pressure. Now we have reliable town supply we can use high pressure water heaters.

In the past the most common method in New Zealand was to use an electric immersion water heater which was also low pressure from a supply tank or reducing valve. There were some gas continuous flow water heaters from Germany, but they were small ones.

We now have high pressure electric and gas tanks which has solved shower pressure problems and allowed us to install the new European taps and shower slide rails. Although some shower slide rails can be used on low pressure.

In recent years we have been introducing modern continuous flow water heaters which are electronically controlled and much larger than the older mechanical versions. The new gas water heaters add value to any building.

Types of Water Heaters

Electric high pressure and low pressure, heat pumps and small continuous flow types. Boiling units for tea and coffee making. An Eco electric tank that learns your use and only heats just before you need it.

Gas high pressure and low pressure, boilers for heating and hot water.

Common Upgrades

Replacement of an electric Low Pressure storage water tank with a Gas Continuous flow water heater.

Replacement of a gas storage tank with a gas continuous flow water heater

Like for like replacement of a low pressure electric tank with a modern version.

How to stop running out of hot water if you have a tank

First you need to identify why your running out. This depends on things like how many people are living in the house, or is it a commercial use. Is the tank operating correctly ie its not overflowing and the element is working. Is the correct element fitted. Can we install a larger element. Is the tank correctly sized for the situation? Are the users taking too long in the shower or is there too much hot water flowing from the shower rose.

  • Install a larger tank.
  • Install a bigger element
  • Install a flow restriction to the shower rose.
  • Go gas or continuous flow.

Brands we Install

Bosch Opti Flow gas water heaters, Rinnai Infinities, Coopers electric storage water heaters, Rheem electric storage water heaters. Parex boiling units.

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