Hot water cylinder

There are many kinds of hot water cylinders made in a range of different materials. Essentially they’re all store the hot water, that has been heated, for future use. There are two main types of hot water cylinders available. Vented and unvented. Vented is an older style that needs a mechanism to allow for the expansion of the water to take place. Newer hot water cylinders are unvented and keep all the hot water under pressure in one unit.

Your hot water cylinder is important¬† without this hot water there would be cold showers, dirty laundry, dirty dishes, and just overall unhappiness. You just don’t have time for this unhappiness and you don’t have time to be dicked around by other service companies.Don’t let this unhappiness happen to you because of a broken hot water cylinder. Let hot water cylinder wellington take care of all your hot water cylinder needs.

Hot water cylinder installation

No matter where you live you need to have hot water cylinder. It’s a staple in any household, not only to keep things comfortable but clean and hygienic as well. If the current hot water cylinder is on its way out call hot water cylinder Wellington to do your next hot water cylinder installation.

We have trained, skilled, trustworthy professionals who will come to take care of the job. We are fast, friendly and reliable ensuring that the hot water cylinder installation goes on with minimum disruption. Our services include repair, installation, insulation, maintenance and more. We work in emergencies coming out when you need us the most. We also work according to schedule that works for you because we know that your time is precious can you have more important things to do.

We are a local company that takes pride in the work that we do. We believe that giving you the best service is what has helped us grow our business to where it is today. The job is not done until you are satisfied with the installation and small details. We take every job personally as if it were our own home. Your satisfaction it’s the most important thing to us.

Hot water cylinder installation process

  • We ensure that you have the proper permits for your new hot water cylinder
  • We ensure that the new hot water cylinder is the proper size and volume for your home
  • We drain and disassemble the old hot water cylinder and haul it away
  • We reattach all appropriate power lines and vents and check for leaks in your new unit
  • We check all systems and hearts to make sure your hot water is flowing and every part of your home

All the work that we do for you comes with a warranty  that gives peace of mind that your hot water cylinder installation was done right and you will not be left without hot water again.

It’s hard going to the day with no hot water don’t suffer any longer than you have to. call hot water cylinder Wellington and schedule an appointment to have your hot water cylinder installation. Trust us to take care of all the small details to ensure that all you have to do is get back to enjoying life with hot water and no problems.

Call us today appointments and inspection get back to your hot water.