Installing Hot Water Cylinder in Your Home – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Hot Water Cylinder Wellington Wide

There were times when hot water supplies were available only to some people, today everyone in the world and in New Zealand needs a ready supply of hot water in their homes. Only in 1960’s New Zealand citizens started to have a provision of hot water supply in their homes. Since then industries have been making water cylinders for making hot water available in homes. There are many vendors who provide installation services of hot water cylinder Wellington wide, providing people with the continuous flow of warm water in their homes.

Comes the winter season, hundreds of Wellington residents sought for the best pressurized water cylinder. Making hot water bath and use in the kitchen a whole new experience, so you don’t face hot water leakage or weak flow anymore.

Pressurized water cylinder has been in New Zealand for many decades, it’s good to have a basic knowledge of how these water cylinders differ from each other. This will also help in identifying pressurized hot water cylinder problems when they occur. In New Zealand there are mainly four types of hot water cylinders available, commonly known as:

  1. Electric Hot Water Cylinders
  2. Gas Instant
  3. Gas Storage
  4. Solar Powered

There are also many other ways to describe hot water cylinders, but for the sack of this article, we will try to educate our readers with some useful facts that can help them know more about the hot water cylinders wellington.

  1. Vented Cylinders
  2. Unvented Cylinders
  3. Single Coil Cylinders
  4. Twin Coil Cylinder
  5. Common issues of a pressurized hot water cylinder.

Vented Cylinder

Vented cylinders have been in New Zealand for many decades, this type of cylinder makes use of the vent pipe and a cold water tank to connect vented cylinders. Open to the pressure of the atmosphere, the vented cylinders are mainly used by the gravity fed heating systems.

When compared to the pressurized water cylinder the vented system is generally slow in terms of water pressure at the user end, it provides only ten percent of the pressure that an unvented system provides.This makes the reason for a low price for purchasing a vented cylinder compared to its unvented counterpart.

Unvented Cylinder

The unvented cylinders are also referred to as pressurized water cylinders for the fact that they offer a strong flow of hot water since they are pressurized to main water pressure. As far as price is concerned, these high pressure hot water cylinder wellington comes with a bit of high price tag.

This pressurized hot water cylinder makes use of the expansion vessel to rely the pressure build by the hot water, Incase the water level rises the unvented cylinder makes use of a tundish to let out the excess pressure.

Single Coil Cylinder

In many cases a common cylinder in New Zealand employees the use of a single coil cylinder

It is regulated by the thermostat of the cylinder, which controls it when the temperature reaches a specific figure set the by a user.

Twin Coil Cylinder

Twin coil water cylinders are employed in such a way that one compliments the other, for example in solar powered twin coil cylinder one coil heats up the water making use of the solar energy while the other coil takes over when the sunlight is no more, keeping the water warm to the desired temperature.

Issues of Hot Water Cylinders

There are few common pressurised hot water cylinder problems that come into play due to some reason, but there is nothing to be worried about as there are many technicians in Wellington who can take care of it for you. Whether it’s a vented cylinder or the unvented cylinder, the most common complaints from users are either it’s not heating up the water or the water is too hot. The best thing to do is to call a professional technician who understands the pressurised hot water cylinder problems.

There are many hot water cylinder wellington bases technicians but not all of them are well versed in repairing a pressurised water cylinder, in low price and good quality service. So whenever the situation arises always trust the professionals with your pressurised hot water cylinder problems.